Build the future of consulting through community building

We believe community is the secret to success in consulting. Through our blog, podcast, and community events, we give you the platform to boost your skills, grow your network, and form valuable partnerships that transform your career.


3 core community principles

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    Chatham House Rules

    We want to encourage our community members to be forthcoming with information. Therefore, you are free to use information received, but are not entitled to disclose any information pertaining to the source.

    • Experience over advice

      Experiences Over Advice

      We encourage our community members to share experiences rather than offer advice. This allows members to gather non-biased intelligence and find solutions that are right for them.

      • Active participation

        Active Participation

        Our community is about both giving and receiving value. We encourage you to get involved with the community as much as possible. Share your experiences, attend meetups, or comment on LinkedIn—If you have something to say, we want to hear it!

        Sammy Gebele: Community founder and podcast host

        Sammy is a former management consultant turned entrepreneur with his company, SAWOO.

        After moving away from his career in consulting, Sammy maintained contact with his vast network of Partners and MDs and continued to expand his knowledge of leading industry practices. This fresh 'outside' perspective fueled Sammy's ambition to create a community of consultancy leaders, to help them get better at what they do, resolve complex challenges, and build robust networks.

        Today, the LEADERS IN CONSULTING Community is alive with over 2300 consultancy leaders from around the world. MDs, Partners, and CEOs from top consultancy firms share knowledge on the podcast, form partnerships at Meetups and conferences, and interact with one another on a one-to-one basis via our Blind Date Networking program.

        When Sammy isn't conducting interviews, attending Meetups, and running his business, he's at local markets searching for fresh ingredients to cook at home, and subsequently burning off those calories with swimming, biking, and running.

        Sammy at leaders in consulting conference

        Join our growing community of 2300+ consultancy leaders

        Our Purpose

        Our members are our motivation. We are thrilled for every new member who gains valuable connections and insights through our community-shared content, our blind dates, meetups and conferences. We believe in the generosity of the mind: We forget what we give, and we remember what we receive, and in that we align with our community members who also strive for peer-to-peer learning, knowledge transfer and thought-leadership.

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