Ep. 87 - Hunt Together, Stay Together: How to Achieve Sustainable Growth With a Partner-Led Strategy - with Norman Weisser

Ep. 87 - Hunt Together, Stay Together: How to Achieve Sustainable Growth With a Partner-Led Strategy - with Norman Weisser

Bringing on partners is a substantial investment and a risky growth strategy. Cultural clashes, loss of control, competitive issues — there's plenty that could go wrong. EGC has made it work for them, however, with their teams in German-speaking markets having doubled since Norman Weisser joined the company.

In this episode, we are joined by Norman Weisser, Partner at EGC Eurogroup Consulting Germany. Norman shares the secrets behind their strategic expansion. He discusses the advantages of their partner-owned model, innovative approaches to business growth, and the critical role of corporate culture in maintaining a robust consulting firm amidst fierce market competition.

You'll learn:

1. Strategies for maintaining low attrition in consulting
2. Advantages of a partner-owned business model
3. Integrating technology and innovation effectively
4. Building a corporate culture that fosters growth
5. Adapting management for effective scaling


Get in touch with Norman Weisser on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-weisser-3391b781/

Business book recommendation:
Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann | https://bit.ly/4452xif

IT tool recommendation:
DALL-E | https://openai.com/dall-e-3


Details about EGC:
Website: https://www.eurogroupconsulting.de
Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Size: 51–200 employees


About the host Sammy Gebele:
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Get in touch with Sammy Gebele on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sammygebele/


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